Water Jet Cutting Services Specifications

Water Jet Cutting Services

W. Haut Specialty Company offers its customers fast, accurate water jet cutting with true “cutting edge” technology – Ultra High Accuracy (UHA)/Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water Jet Cutting Services. We cut glass to stainless steel and almost any material in-between.

Water Jet Cutting Advantages

    • Using water alone or with garnet abrasive, our water jet cutter can cut through single or multiple layers of almost any material quickly and accurately.
    • Abrasive waterjet cutting can be used to machine special design features into existing parts.
    • Minimal Kerf width, near zero lateral cutting force, and template configuration allow for maximum use of available materials using water jet cutting.
Picture of large metal parts made with Water Jet Cutting Services, View Water Jet Cutting Applications

View the many Water Jet Cutting Applications made with W. Haut Specialty Co. Water Jet Cutting Services

  • Since the waterjet cuts without heat, it is ideal for applications on heat sensitive materials.
  • Faster turnarounds are possible, since Water jet cutting virtually eliminates the need for secondary finishing operations.

More Advantages of Water Jet Cutting:

  • Waterjet Cuts Multiple Layers
  • No Heat Distortion Using Waterjet Cutting
  • Accuracy (+/- .003″) – Some Thicknesses
  • Maximum Speed With Waterjet Cutting
  • No Start Holes Needed When Using Waterjet Cutter
  • Quick Turnaround With Water Jet Cutting
  • No Secondary Finishing With Water Jet Cutting
  • Minimum Kerf
  • Material Nesting
  • No “Tooling” Required
  • Accepts DXF, IGES, Autocad Files & More
  • Prototype/Production
  • Doesn’t Ruin Finish on Polished or Painted Surface

New Water Jet Cutting Capabilities

  • Larger Water Jet Table Size 6′ x 12′
  • Faster WaterJet Cutting Speed
  • Greater Water Jet Cutting Accuracy
  • Better Nesting Capabilities
  • Cost Saving for the Customers
  • Quicker Turnarounds
  • Multiple Waterjet Machines/Operators

View water jet cutting applications

Visit our Gallery to view samples of our water jet cutting, production machining, fabrication, welding, assembling, production milling, production turning services, stamping and more.

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