Capabilities Video: W. Haut Specialty Co.

W. Haut Specialty Co. Capabilities Video

Take a virtual tour of W. Haut Specialty Company's facilities by way of our capabilities video! Explore our machining, Waterjet and stamping capabilities, and see samples of our work.

W. Haut Capabilities Video

Capabilities Video run time:  4:14

A transcription of the voice-over of our capabilities video follows:

Welcome to the W.Haut Specialty Company!

We are a second generation, family-owned machine shop, located in the acclaimed industrial area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

We operate a full-service machining center, and have the equipment and capabilities to quickly and precisely manufacture your parts.

Our computerized machining area consists of four vertical machining centers with m32 programming capabilities.

On manual lathes can accommodate up to a 26-inch turning diameter and when your order requires stamping, we use our nine punch presses.

We do it all - drilling, stamping, milling, fabricating, grinding, edging, turning, honing, welding and much much more.

At the W. Haut Specialty Company, we have vast experience in the design and fabrication of typical and atypical parts using either common metals and plastics, or any type exotic material blend.

After we construct your part, we can also surface coat it for you, including chrome plating or anodizing.

If you need a part designed, tell us your specifications. We will help you visualize that part, designed to fit your needs and manufacture it precisely as you need it.

You can rest assured that we will order any and all special types of raw materials or draw from our in-house stock for quick fulfillment of your request.

We take pride in the ability to handcraft many parts and are happy to provide you with the security of knowing that your order is given such high-grade attention.

Our return customers have confidence in our abilities to provide them with accurate parts, no matter how sophisticated the application, or how close to tolerances.

We want you to become a return customer.

Your job is our specialty.

Your satisfaction is our goal.

At W. Haut we are especially proud of our water-jet cutting capabilities.

Using extremely high pressure water jets, our cuts are accurate to within three-thousandths of an inch. There is no heat generated by this type of cutting, therefore your part will not distort due to heat, as is the case with torch or soft cutting.

The tremendous velocity in this type of cutting allows us to cut multiple layers of material, thereby decreasing your wait time for your order.

There is also less time needed for final finishing since the accuracy and smoothness of the cut is such that many finishing steps are eliminated.

From thick metals and acrylics to paper thin plastics ... even wood or decorative stone, water-jet cutting should be your choice when extreme accuracy is a must.

Water-jet is the best method for cutting painted or polished surfaces because it minimally disturbs any type of finish.

Water-jet cutting is the instrument of choice for serious macro-media artisans. Our water-jet cutting technicians make sure that your work of art is cut to your exact specifications.

We respect copyright laws and are discreet in dealing with our clients' identities and projects.

Capabilities Video run time:  4:14

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